HCA Midwest Health - October 25, 2017

What causes teenage stress?

Raising a teenager can be a tough emotional rollercoaster, but so can being one. Teens are going through many changes mentally and physically. Which can make it difficult to determine normal teenage behavior and from something more. Biological factors, school, family changes and other environmental issue can all impact an adolescent’s stress level. And unfortunately, many families don’t know when to seek help until they’ve hit a crisis point.

Behavioral issues such as problems with the law or school, a sudden change in friends, changes in school or extra circular performance, weight, sleep or appetite can all signal that stress may be negatively impacting your loved one. Many families tend to chalk up these issues to normal teen behavior and unfortunately do not take advantage of the many levels of care available. The professionals at Research Psychiatric Center suggest meeting with a professional to assess the situation if you see a significant drop in functioning that lasts for more then 2 weeks.

Developmentally, adolescents can be very in the moment. It can be difficult for them to think in terms of cause and effect relationships and they are still developing mood and impulse control. Adolescents also tend to have less control over their environment then adults. This means they have to figure out how to cope with stressors since many times they do not have the option to remove them.

Research Psychiatric Center offers day and evening programs, specific to adolescents. These programs can help teens manage their life and cope with stress better. Patients learn how to manage intense or uncomfortable emotions, increase self-esteem, communication skills, healthy relationship boundaries, anger management and healthy sleep, exercise and self-care habits. The programs also include family therapy, which work on improving communication and psychological education. Clinicians will also provide education to the teen’s school if needed.

The staff at Research Psychiatric Center are all licensed in their field and have prior experience working with adolescents. More importantly, they are people who genuinely enjoy working with teens. They care about their patients and want to see them succeed.

Stress can be difficult for anyone at any age to cope with, but adolescents have additional unique biological and environmental factors that can compound the issue. To speak with an expert call (816) 276-3821.