HCA Midwest Health - July 10, 2017

My dad was in the hospital and they said he was ready be discharged home, but a day later he ended up back in there.

Everyone is focused on getting out of the hospital, so getting readmitted is especially disappointing. It’s a definite concern for the senior population. In 2010, up to 20 percent of Medicare patients were readmitted to hospitals within 30 days of their discharge. As part of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and hospitals nationwide have worked to reduce that rate.

HCA Midwest Health is proud to be a part of that quality initiative. We partner with the Kansas City Quality Improvement Consortium (KCQIC) to reduce readmission rates for high-risk Medicare patients.

We work with everyone involved in the patient’s transition, from patient and caregivers to social workers and others. For HCA Midwest Health, the process of discharge planning begins when the patient is first admitted. We make sure that the patient is truly ready to leave and can heal in the next setting, whether it is home or to another care facility. We go over discharge instructions and ensure patients and families know what lies ahead in terms of diet changes, rehab, medications and their next appointments.

The partnership with KCQIC has helped many of our patients transition safely out of our hospitals and not be readmitted. Our dedication to this program has improved the readmission rates throughout our network. We want to ensure the right care for our patients, whether that means more time in our facilities or moving on or moving home at the right time.