HCA Midwest Health - December 05, 2017

The frustration that comes from any kind of waiting room is intense. It’s especially hard in a hospital, when you are sick and need attention. Why does it seem like nothing is being done while you are just sitting there?

If you’re picturing a huge, crowded ER waiting room where nothing gets done, you’ve been watching old shows or have been at some other hospitals. You won’t find that at HCA Midwest Health.

At our facilities, we do everything we can to make sure your wait is minimal. Check out our waiting rooms—they’re pretty small because we don’t want you to spend time there. When you come in and speak to an ER intake specialist, you’ll tell your signs and symptoms and usually see a physician or provider right away.  We can get you in a treatment space and make sure you are stable and appropriately monitored.

You also won’t see empty beds at our facilities. Patients are being cared for and monitored and getting tested. Our ERs have convenient access to imaging labs, so tests are completed easily and quickly without waiting for other hospital patients. Many patients who come in by ambulance may go for CT scans or other imaging tests immediately because we know they will need them.

Do you think you see staff just waiting around doing nothing? They may be monitoring other patients, documenting in our electronic health record, getting more information or doing a consultation. 

HCA Midwest Health has 11 conveniently located emergency rooms with the shortest wait times in the area. See average ER wait times now