HCA Midwest Health - May 23, 2017

This hospital seems so big. How can one doctor know what the other doctor is doing?

Being in a hospital can be scary. The building itself may be large and unfamiliar and much of the communication about your care happens outside of your presence. Patients can get nervous—You are in your room or being taken places for tests or scans. Do the doctors know what you are experiencing? Who is getting the results of all these tests?

Rest assured, our doctors know what is going on and are communicating with each other, even when you may not realize it. Our electronic medical records keep all your results together, where all your doctors can access them at any time – they can even see your imaging scans and read other test results right from that system. Nursing staff also calls any critical result directly to your physician.

We are especially proud of our early warning system, which is built into your monitors. The system keeps track of your vital signs, and alerts the staff when there’s a subtle change or combinations of changes occurring. For women in labor, our Airstrip OB system lets doctors monitor mother and baby by logging in from their phones.

These are just some of the tools, we use to treat our patients to ensure they get the very best, safest care and that all care providers are aware of your health status. But tools are most effective in skilled and experienced hands. At HCA Midwest Health, those people are our doctors, nurses and other professionals who know what is going on and communicate that to others quickly.