HCA Midwest Health - June 09, 2017

Healthcare facilities, particularly cancer treatment centers, should have covered parking for these high risk patients ... let's keep them safe!

We know that for some patients, getting anywhere can be difficult, and doing so in bad weather is even harder. That’s why most HCA Midwest Health facilities have free valet parking. It’s convenient and also means less walking when you have an appointment.

For those who choose to self-park, we have free parking at all hospitals and medical facilities and, in some places, we do have covered parking.

If you are receiving care or have appointments in a medical office building (not the hospital), you may have to walk or leave a patient at the front door. Our staff is able to accommodate those with special needs and prides themselves in delivering an experience that is friendly and personal.

If you have any questions about the parking or amenities available at one of our hospitals, you can always contact that facility.