HCA Midwest Health - February 27, 2014
by By Sheila Roth, CNM, Nurse Midwife from Midwest Women's Healthcare Specialists

Since pregnancy brings on changes to the immune system, pregnant women are more vulnerable to the flu than women who aren’t pregnant. If you are pregnant, you should work closely your physician to make sure you take precaution to prevent the flu.

Pregnant women don’t just have a higher risk of contracting the flu; they tend to suffer harsher symptoms as well. Also, a severe case of the flu can lead to premature labor and delivery or birth defects. Flu season is not over. If you haven’t gotten a flu shot this winter, it is not too late. If you come down with flu-like symptoms, alert your physician immediately so you can protect yourself and your unborn baby.

Flu shots are still available at one of the many HCA Midwest Health System’s Urgent Care Centers, CareSpot. For a location close, go to www.carespot.com or call (913) 814 – 3788 or contact your provider.  

The midwives at HCA Midwest Health System hospitals and clinics are always available to discuss health matters, and we are part of the most comprehensive Certified Nurse Midwife Program in the area. Call (800) 386-9355 with health-related questions or if you need a physician or midwife referral.

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