HCA Midwest Health - April 19, 2017

I need access to my doctors when I'm sick, without needing to take a day off from work.

Doctors and medical care should be available to everyone when and where they need it. That’s why HCA Midwest Health has built an extensive network of hospitals, urgent care centers and physicians’ offices. No matter where you are in the Kansas City region, we’re within minutes of where you live, work or play.

Many of those locations offer health services during non-traditional business hours. CareNow Urgent Care centers are nearby and available during extended hours on weeknights and the weekends. CareNow is part of the HCA Midwest Health network. So when you see your primary care physician next, let him or her know that you were recently seen at CareNow. They should also receive a visit summary to add to your patient chart.

We also offer a free Nurses On-Call service 24/7. Just call (800) 386-9355. Our nurses can answer health questions, help you find the right doctor and more.

Our network is designed for your convenience, which means cutting down your wait times, too. You can find out the average wait times at any of our ERs right from the websites. Less time there, less time at your doctor’s office and less time at an urgent care center all add up to more time for your life.