HCA Midwest Health - August 16, 2017

How do you know which hospital to go to for what condition?

With HCA Midwest Health hospitals, you don’t have to know. We offer quality healthcare in a variety of settings with many convenient access points, treating a full range of diseases and conditions. Whether you go to Overland Park Regional Medical Center, Centerpoint Medical Center, College Park Family Care, or any other of our facilities or physician offices, you will be cared for by the top doctors, surgeons and specialists in every field.

For example, the HCA Midwest Health accredited chest pain network is embedded in five of our emergency departments throughout the area. For conditions like chest pain and heart attacks, your survival and recovery may depend on how quickly you get to the hospital, and how quickly treatment occurs, so that heart muscle can be preserved. So being close to an accredited chest pain center matters.

Additionally, our hospitals are among the top performers in the nation for stroke, VTE (Venous thromboembolism), flu vaccine and elective deliveries. We even beat the national averages for those conditions, scoring 99-100% on the core measures established by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for each condition.

No matter what condition or symptoms brings you to our doors, you will find the highest quality of care delivered by people who put your care and comfort first.