Amanda Stanberg, Abbie West

They say twins have a special connection.

These sisters have done nearly everything together—they have worked all of the same jobs and have gone through every single class and nursing clinical rotation together.

Amanda Stanberg, RN, BSN, and Abbie West, RN, BSN, are so close, in fact, that their careers have brought them to practice nursing at the same hospital.

West and Stanberg, are both nurses at Overland Park Regional Medical Center. Stanberg, works in the PACU and West works in Labor and Delivery.

“We are very close and I think that is what motivated us to do this together,” West says. “We’re so connected that pursing nursing together was no different.”

“We are very competitive and we would pull all-nighters together to study,” Stanberg, says. “And we are still pushing each other every day.” 

West and Stanberg, grew up in Andover, Kan., and after graduating high school they both attended Baker University in Baldwin City, and both graduated from Baker University School of Nursing in Topeka in 2008.

When it came time to decide what type of nursing they wanted to practice, each sister has different interests.

“I took care of a teenage mom in nursing school,” West said “After that experience, I knew labor and delivery was my calling.” 

“I like solving problems and working in a high intense environment,” Stanberg, says. “I am making critical, tough decisions every day and it’s what I am meant to do.”

Working together can cause some snags.

“People on a daily basis confuse us,” Stanberg, says. “The Anesthesia Department works with both of our departments and I will have people come up to me in the cafeteria and ask me questions meant for Abbie. We just laugh it off.” 

Stanberg, and West agree that they both are thrilled to have their sister along for their professional journey.

“We’re just used to doing everything together, so why not us both be nurses and work at the same hospital,” West said.