Jonathan Huntington

Jonathan Huntington

Jonathan Huntington is used to taking advice from his mother Kathy Huntington, a Belton Regional Medical Center employee. When Jonathan suffered a serious broken leg last Fourth of July, he was all ears when she recommended he seek medical treatment at Belton Regional Medical Center for an injured leg.

Jonathan was spending the holiday in Ft. Scott and landed on his foot, causing trauma to his leg. He went to Mercy Hospital there where the medical staff secured his foot and leg. The 29-year old spent the rest of the weekend in severe pain and nursing the leg, knowing that it would require some sort of surgery. He finally visited the emergency department at Belton Regional Medical Center at his mother’s urging and was scheduled for surgery the following day with Danny K. Carroll, MD, an orthopedic surgeon.

“I was in a good amount of pain when I went to the Belton Regional Medical Center emergency department,” says Jonathan. “The excellent level of care I received started at admission. I was put at ease.”

Following surgery to repair the leg, Jonathan spent three days in the hospital and was prescribed three weeks of intensive outpatient therapy by Dr. Carroll.

“I work on critical power systems throughout the United States,” says Jonathan. “My job is primarily travel, and it was crucial for me to get back on the road as quickly as possible following surgery.”

When Jonathan got back behind the wheel to resume his job he was confident that his leg was well on the way to healing. He credits Dr. Carroll, nurses and the attentive medical care he received at Belton Regional Medical Center for a speedy recovery.

“And my mom’s good advice helped, too,” grins Jonathan.