Warren Brown

“I had just had it,” says Warren Brown, describing his decision to have left knee replacement surgery in June 2015.

Brown is a property manager for a large national bank and, in the course of performing his job duties, logs in many miles walking up and down stairs, touring facilities from top to bottom.  His knees were arthritic, in part due to soccer he played as a youth, with age contributing to the discomfort.

“I’m a golfer, too, and that hobby was becoming less enjoyable because of my knees,” Brown says. 

Brown chose Gerald Dugan, M.D., a board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Lee’s Summit Medical Center, for both surgeries. His first was in the summer of 2015, and, according to Brown, went well.

“The range of motion I had with the left knee was more than I expected,” he says.  “You hear stories about people using walkers instead of crutches after surgery, but that wasn’t my experience. I spent three days at Lee’s Summit Medical Center and was walking fairly soon after surgery during my hospital stay.”

Following physical therapy ordered by Dr. Dugan, Brown was pleasantly surprised with the results, his mobility and lack of pain. He told Dr. Dugan “let’s do the other knee.”

The 56-year-old scheduled the right knee replacement surgery for Dec. 7, 2015. Everything went well, but Brown admits he “mailed it in on physical therapy—I didn’t follow Dr. Dugan and the physical therapist’s advice.”

Today Brown has fully recovered from his second knee surgery and has returned to activities that bring him joy, relaxation and satisfaction. 

“I can do any work around the house in Lee’s Summit and our lake place,” he says. “I swim with no discomfort and bought a paddleboat in fall 2016 that my wife and I enjoy during weekends at the lake. That was a purchase I never thought would happen.”

In addition, Brown uses the elliptical machine at a local gym for 30 minutes five days a week and has picked golf again.

“My knee surgeries haven’t improved my game,” he jokes, “but it’s definitely made walking the course and playing more enjoyable.”

Brown appreciates the positive experience he had with Dr. Dugan and Lee’s Summit Medical Center.

“The hospital is close to my home, so it was convenient for my wife going back and forth,” he says. “And I liked being able to stay in my community for the surgery. Everyone, from Dr. Dugan and OR prep to the recovery and floor nurses and Eddie in maintenance were personable, upbeat and helpful.”

Brown’s advice to others contemplating knee surgery is simple and straightforward.

“First, find a doctor who has an excellent reputation,” he says. “And then follow the doctor’s orders. I was lucky to have Dr. Dugan and his team as my healthcare partners.”