Jennifer Bettis

Jennifer Bettis says Thanksgiving 2010 will forever have a special meaning for her and husband, Jay.

“We’ll always have gratitude for our first child,” says Jennifer, who is due on November 26. “And for Dr. Starks.”

The 35-year-old internal auditor says she believes Gregory Starks, MD, of Midwest Women’s Healthcare, PC, is a miracle worker of sorts.

“That’s not an exaggeration,” laughs Jennifer.

When Jennifer and Jay, director of utilities for the city of Kearney, married seven years ago, they knew that raising a child would be an important part of their life together.

Following a frustrating four-year journey to become pregnant on their own, the couple contacted Starks who runs the Fertility Clinic at Midwest Women’s Healthcare. The doctor helps couples with the evaluation and management of fertility issues, including a friend of Jennifer’s.

Starks diagnosed Jennifer with endometriosis and performed surgery to remove several fibroids. He then recommended six different rounds of medication and artificial insemination. When these methods didn’t yield the bundle of joy the Bettis' yearned for, they chose another route.

“I had three different sessions of abdominal injections along with artificial insemination, which was supposed to stimulate my ovulation,” says Jennifer. When that procedure was unsuccessful, Starks counseled the anxious couple about in vitro fertilization (IVF).

“Jay and I weighed the financial considerations and the chances of having a child and decided to try it,” says Jennifer, admitting that the couple didn’t want to raise their expectations that perhaps she would become pregnant. “Dr. Starks talked with us about our chances of becoming pregnant through IVF. While he said there were no guarantees, we felt good about our odds.”

Jennifer had an embryo transfer in March 2010, and later that month heard the news from Dr. Starks’ nurse, Karen, that caused the couple to rejoice.

“I received a phone call from Dr. Starks office, and Karen said, ‘Hi, mama,’” recalls Jennifer. “Those words were absolute magic.”

The elated couple says they felt like they were riding an emotional rollercoaster while trying to start a family until they met the team at Midwest Women’s Healthcare.

“Every single one of them cared about a positive outcome for us,” says Jennifer. “They were so sensitive to our desires and patiently answered our many questions, were calming and listened.”

As Jennifer and Jay put the finishing touches on their baby’s nursery, the mom-to-be reflects on gratitude for both new life and a doctor who helped her dreams come true.

“It’s phenomenal,” she says, quietly. “We’ll have a child in the New Year.”