Brittlyn Lee

A horrible crash nearly killed Brittlyn Lee, but the urgent care from First Responders and nurses and physicians at Overland Park Regional Medical Center saved her life.  Lee was injured in a car wreck on November 7, 2014, as her car was run off the road and struck a pole.

Lee was rushed to Overland Park Regional Medical Center’s Level II Trauma Center where she had several surgeries to her left leg, left arm and pelvis. She needed three surgeries to remove glass from her lungs and throat. Lee was in a coma and needed a feeding tube and tracheotomy.

"The neurologists could not say with any certainty if Brittlyn would ever wake up," DaVonne Lee said.

But she did because and her family credits the care team and the strength in their faith.

“The medical team did everything they could to lay a strong foundation for her recovery,” DaVonne Lee said. “Brittlyn sustained three brain injuries which left little hope of much recovery at all. We are grateful for the amazing care she received and our faith is what has kept us strong through her recovery.”

 “I had to learn to breath, swallow, sit up, eat and walk again; many everyday tasks which we take for granted, I had to relearn.” Lee said.

Lee credits the care she received at Overland Park Regional Medical Center for putting her on the path to recovery.

"I was able to get a good start on getting better," she said.

In 2015, Lee and her family were able to reunite with the team of Overland Park Regional Medical Center health care professional who helped save her life.

“We are so grateful to the surgeons, nurses and other medical personnel for seeing Brittlyn as the beautiful young lady we know her to be. They gave her amazing care and looked ahead to what she would need to best help her during her very long recovery, or at least the chance of a recovery. For that we are forever grateful,” Davonne Lee said.

Lee’s doctors admitted they were amazed by the progress that their patient has made in the past year including taking assisted steps.

"It's not going to be exactly like it was before the accident, unfortunately, but she can get back," said Don Fishman, M.D., trauma surgeon at Overland Park Regional Medical Center. "She's with her family and that's what's really, really important. That's why all of us who are here today do what we do."