Mark Jobe

Mark Jobe should have a cautionary sign posted in front of his house that reads, “Man at work—get out of his way.”

That’s because, after years of living with painful osteoarthritis in his knees, the 63-year-old Kansas City, Mo., resident enjoys performing a host of home projects. Landscaping, mowing, gardening, building a fence—you name it, Jobe is checking it off his to-do list following simultaneous bilateral total knee replacement surgery at Belton Regional Medical Center.

“Dr. Danny Carroll, who has done more than 5,000 knee surgeries, did the replacements on June 1, 2016,” Jobe says, “and at 11 weeks post-op, with the help of lots of muscle-strengthening exercises and outpatient physical therapy, I was 75 - 80 percent efficient with my knees. It’s remarkable how my quality of life has done a 180—not only do I enjoy chores around the house, but my wife, Brenda, and I can now take walks together, and simple tasks, like walking up a flight of stairs, is easier.”

Prior to surgery, Jobe, manager of patient access at Belton Regional Medical Center, was bow-legged.

“My knees deteriorated to the point that they were bone-on-bone, the cartilage totally worn away as a result of the arthritis,” he says.  “The bones rubbing against one another caused pain, swelling, stiffness and a decreased ability to move.” 

Today, thanks to the surgery, Jobe stands nearly two inches taller and has a noticeably joyous spring in his step.

“Mark was an excellent candidate for the simultaneous bilateral total knee replacement procedure,” says Dr. Carroll, a board certified orthopedic surgeon.  “He pushed through his rehab and was able to return to work and life’s activities after six weeks, which is very, very good.”

Prior to his new position at Belton Regional Medical Center, Jobe worked at Lee’s Summit Medical Center, another HCA Midwest Health hospital. Jobe’s orthopedic surgery was the first time he was able to experience firsthand the seamless patient experience he promotes as Manager of Patient Access.

“It was a bit surreal being a patient in the hospital where I work,” says Jobe, who, as part of his job description, rounds on patients each morning to discuss their care. “It was an efficient experience, from start to finish. I now appreciate my workplace and its high-quality healthcare even more after being a patient, and understand why, when I talk to patients at their bedside, they have positive things to share about their experience at Belton Regional Medical Center.”

In addition to resuming physical activities that give him pleasure, Jobe is now able to accompany Brenda for long shopping expeditions.

“Even walking around a huge store like IKEA for a couple of hours doesn’t bother me like it used to,” Jobe says. “I’m not saying it’s my favorite pastime, but it sure beats having to sit in a chair or wait in the car while my wife shops. Thanks to Dr. Carroll and the BRMC team, my quality of life has increased dramatically.”