WHO: Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Overland Park Regional Medical Center

WHAT: Donation by nine-year-old Cora Dow

WHEN: 4:30 p.m. March 9, 2017

WHERE: Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute, 10600 Quivira Rd, Ste. 110, Overland Park

Media: Please go to the main lobby at Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute for escort to event.

WHY: Cora and her mom, Christy, drive past Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Overland Park Regional Medical Center every day. Curious, the nine-year-old researched and read about the cancer services and support it provides to patients and their families in the area. She decided to forgo birthday gifts in lieu of money to donate to Sarah Cannon and passed around an envelope at her family birthday party in December, sharing facts about Sarah Cannon, who it was named for and what type of treatments it offers cancer patients.

Cora decided to ask Santa for money, too, when Christmas rolled around. She wrote a pitch letter to St. Nick which, in part, read: “… What I want to do with the money is give it to the Sara (sic) Cannon Center. Sara Cannon Center could use it for giving it to sick people that can not aford (sic) surgery or medicine they need, buy books or presents for sick people, and they could use it for buing (sic) advanced research places and making new medicine. I hope you take this note into consideration. Please wright (sic) back.”

“It totally took my husband and me by surprise,” says Christy Dow.  “Whenever we drive by Sarah Cannon, Cora always says that she hopes everyone in there is getting better, and she hopes that they are having a good day.”

Cora’s brother, Clayce, was caught up in his sister’s philanthropic spirit and donated a portion of his birthday proceeds to the cause, too. The grand total that Cora will present on March 9th is $125.12.

“Cora’s example is a good one for all of us, regardless of our age, to remember,” says Overland Park Regional Medical Center Chief Executive Officer Kevin Hicks. “The entire medical staff is moved by Cora’s generosity and concern for cancer patients and are uplifted by her gesture, which is an authentic one, from the heart.”