Medical professionals across the metro say they’re concerned because donated blood supplies are at an all-time low.

Doctors tell FOX 4 News a blood shortage happens every winter, especially during times of heavy snowfall. However, the winter of 2014 has kept donors away in record numbers, and in the long run, it’s the patients who will pay the price if blood banks are unable to recover.

Surgeons told Nick Welter had no choice but to have surgery. Welter says it was either that, or risk losing his left arm. Two weeks ago, he became a host to flesh-eating bacteria after a small scratch became a big infection.

“They had to cut open my arm and remove the tissue that was damaged,” Welter said. “(The infection) can spread throughout your whole body.”

Doctor at Overland Park Regional Medical Center operated on Welter’s arm twice, and used two units of blood during his recovery.

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