Courtesy of Healthy Kansas City

By Ann Butenas

No one wants to undergo joint replacement surgery. It’s probably not something written on the proverbial bucket list. However, some folks may find themselves at the crossroads of “unbearable and debilitating pain” and “just make me feel better, Doc!” at some point in their lives. If a hip, knee or partial knee replacement may be in the cards for you, then perhaps this information can put your mind at ease just a bit.

HCA Midwest Health and its leading orthopedic surgeons have brought a revolutionary new surgical approach to the area. This technique coupled with highly-trained specialists, has the potential for longer lasting implants and reduced recovery time.

Orthopedic Surgeons Dr. Cameron Ledford, Dr. Daniel Farrell and Dr. Mark Humphrey provide patients with a highly personalized surgical experience using the Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery System at Overland Park Regional Medical Center.

Using the technology, the surgeon creates a 3-D model of your hip or knee and develops a personalized surgical plan based on your unique anatomy. During surgery, the surgeon guides the robotic arm based on the patient-specific plan. The technology prevents the surgeon from leaving the pre-defined surgical space resulting in unparalleled accuracy. The ground-breaking approach allows the surgeon to preserve the healthy bone and soft tissue while only removing the diseased bone.

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