Menorah Medical Center November 07, 2019

On September 11, 2019, the Hospital discovered that it was unable to locate certain documents that may have contained limited amounts of patient health information. The documents were used by a former Hospital employee to perform her assigned job functions and were created prior to her termination on September 10, 2019. On September 11, 2019, the former employee entered a secure area of our hospital and removed some items belonging to the Hospital without permission. Once we became aware of this, we began an internal investigation of this incident. The Hospital is unable to confirm with certainty whether the missing documents were included in the removed items or whether such documents are actually not missing but were properly destroyed at the Hospital. If documents containing personal health information are in fact missing, the Hospital can confirm that only the following types of information would be included: patient name, demographic information (such as date of birth), dates of service and/or discharge, hospital-assigned patient number, and a general description of the patient's medical condition, history and care. The incident did not involve copies of medical records or Social Security Numbers, nor did it include any financial data.

The Hospital has taken measures to ensure the former employee cannot access any secure areas of the Hospital and to avoid similar incidents in the future. Although we do not know whether patient identifiable information has been or may be misused as a result of this incident, we advise that patients remain vigilant in monitoring for fraudulent activity.

For more for information regarding this incident, please call our toll free number (833) 582-1975.