Every picture does indeed tell a story and every picture is worth at least 1,000 words.

But for one sepia-toned picture hanging in the newly installed Mother/Baby Unit Gallery at Centerpoint Medical Center, there aren’t enough words to describe the emotion contained in the 32 x 48 framed image.

The photograph, taken on Aug. 14, 2014, by Centerpoint Medical Center Mother/Baby Unit Manager Jenine Evinger, captures the backs of Adam Nixson and his then 2-year-old son, James, walking hand-in-hand down a Centerpoint hallway. A momentous occasion was about to occur—the youngster, dressed in a cape that declared him a “Big Brother” and carrying a stuffed animal—was on his way to meet baby brother Miles, born earlier that day. James himself was born at Centerpoint on August 30, 2012 and his mom, Lauren, is a nurse on the hospital’s Mother/Baby unit.

Tragedy struck the Nixson family in Dec. 2015 when Adam was accidentally killed during a duck-hunting expedition, something that would rock Lauren’s entire world. Suddenly she found herself a young widow, left to parent and care for the couple’s young sons. 

 "While our little family has experienced an incredible heartache since the loss of my husband, it is a joy to celebrate one of the special moments that we shared during his lifetime through this photograph,” says Lauren Nixson says. It helps to honor and remember him as I keep his memory alive for me and our sons.” 

“Here at Centerpoint Medical Center, we have the most extraordinary, caring employees I’ve ever had the privilege to work with,” says Centerpoint Medical Center Chief Executive Officer David Williams. “Their compassion for patients, regardless of the situation, is genuine and heartfelt. The nursing team on the Mother/Baby unit collaborated with local photographers to capture the beauty of life and create a public gallery that now hangs in the hallways. And that one of nurses, Lauren Nixson, has such a personal relationship with one of the photographs illustrates the indescribable human connection we see every day at the hospital.”

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Sali Harrison, Stout Photography; Anna McGhee, Anna-Marie Photography; and Jenine Evinger Photography volunteered to capture the priceless, iconic moments in a family’s life when welcoming a newborn into the world. With the help of Centerpoint employees Hailey Andrews and Emily Stump, the framed photos of the tiniest and precious patients now grace delivery and postpartum unit hallways in a moving gallery. 

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