Lafayette Regional Health Center, an HCA Midwest hospital, has achieved the 2010 top scores among HCA hospitals nationwide for key employee satisfaction indicators.

According to an independent survey conducted in 173 HCA hospitals across the nation, Lafayette Regional achieved the highest scores for overall employee engagement, engagement among registered nurses and for the hospital’s leadership.

Employee engagement, which reflects employees’ commitment to and satisfaction with their jobs, is an important indicator of overall job satisfaction and is predictive of patient’s perception of quality care.

Nearly all of Lafayette Regional’s employees completed the Employee Engagement survey conducted in May 2010. This year’s overall results represented an increase in favorable responses to job satisfaction. Nursing was one area specifically experiencing significant increase in favorable responses.

“Our nursing staff is outstanding. They enjoy working for LRHC and sincerely care about the patients”, added Kim Leakey, CNO.

In addition, the survey included questions related to employee’s perception of Lafayette Regional’s leadership team. The overall response to leadership was favorable. Staff answered questions such as “do you feel respected” and “do you feel your opinion counts”.

“The goal of the leadership team is consistently to foster a positive environment for employees at Lafayette Regional, which then translates to better and more committed patient care”, says Bret Kolman, CEO. “Consequently, we’re extremely pleased with the survey results, an indication of our employees’ level of engagement.”