Courtesy of Kansas City Mom's Blog

By Krissy Logan, RNC-OB, is Labor and Delivery Nurse with Overland Park Regional Medical Center – part of HCA Midwest Health, Kansas City’s leading healthcare provider.

It’s your delivery day! First off, welcome to the day that will change your life… forever. As a labor and delivery nurse and a mother, I am telling you this to prepare you for quite possibly, the beginning of the most important journey of your life.

Having a baby changes you, sometimes in the most unusual ways. After becoming a mother, it is impossible for me to think of just myself. My son is a part of me. Nearly every thought of my day touches on the fact that I am a mother. This constantly challenges me to be the best version of myself and to reach higher to achieve my dreams, because he is always watching. My perspective on my own life has forever changed, I practice what I preach even if that means pushing myself further than what I think is possible. I do this all for him, I feel truly blessed to be his mother and he deserves the best.

When I think back to my own delivery day, I remember just how unprepared yet excited I was. My delivery team was hand selected, from my team, my friends, and those I trust my life to. On this day, I realized that this would be a pivotal day in my life, yet I was still unprepared for what it really means to be a mother. To guide me on this journey, especially in those early days, I trusted my team of professionals. They educated and guided me through the challenges of taking care of this precious little being that just came out of my body. I remember the faces who helped me in my most vulnerable of days, and still to this day appreciate their guidance and care.

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