by Linda Friedel | Reprinted courtesy of KC Nursing News

Leah Moore’s dual role keeps her moving from the front desk to the bedside and back. She would not have it any other way, she says.

“It makes the day go by fast,” said Moore, CNA at the Center for Women’s Surgery at Overland Park Regional Medical Center. “It keeps you up on your toes.”

Moore said she was born to serve. The former waitress said she enjoyed serving up platters of food before she became a certified nursing assistant seven years ago. Moore said she likes the variety of activities in her role and resists sitting at a desk.

“I love what I do,” she said. “I’ve always been in the serving industry. I like to serve people.”

Moore provides secretarial skills, reading physician’s charts and answering the phone and call light at the front desk. At the bedside, she helps with vitals, setting up rooms before surgery and removing catheters. Moore said she especially likes to calm anxious pa- tients before they have surgeries such as a hysterectomy, removal of cyst, or breast surgery. She had three surgeries in her life and said she can relate.

“I’m open with them,” Moore said. “I really try to see how they’re feeling and talk to them.”

Moore likes the team spirit among her co-workers in the 13-bed unit, she said. She likes to give a hand wherever she is needed.

“We all try to help each other out,” she said.

Moore said the most important way to connect to her patients is to show sympathy and offer to listen.

“They need somebody that knows where they’re coming from,” Moore said.

Amanda Addison, RN, BSN, MBA and director of post partum at the Center for Women’s Surgery at Overland Park Regional Medical Center, said Moore is always upbeat, caring and compassionate.

“She goes above and beyond,” she said. “ She just would do anything for anybody, with always a smile on her face.”

Between greeting visitors, answering phone calls and caring at the bedside, Moore serves a dual role, Addison said.

“It’s a really challenging role,” she said. “ She manages it extremely well. She’s awesome.”

Photo by Linda Friedel

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